The Writers

Matt & Kristen Hawkinson

Matt and Kristen Hawkinson each have over 15 years as successful entrepreneurs. Residing in Dallas, Matt and Kristen currently run a premier photo booth business, 4 Flashes Photo Booth, and a photo booth fabrication company, Photo Booth Fabricators. In addition to their many business ventures, they currently counsel first-time entrepreneurs who are beginning their first businesses. They have come together yet again and written this book about their journey to both entertain and teach the art of self-made business. If you want to hear more about their incredible journey, buy the book. Available this Spring.

Maxie McCoy

Maxie McCoy is a first-time author and former host for Fox Sports Southwest. She graduated Lehigh University with a BA in Journalism and Masters in American Studies. She currently resides in San Francisco. Maxie began her entrepreneurial journey with this book.